Eliminate wasted hours.

Cover more freight.

Baton converts all pickups and deliveries to drop and hook at a single location so your drivers keep moving. All through a streamlined technology platform.

Every hour counts

The highest performing carriers know that unused hours mean lost revenue and unhappy drivers

Maximize revenue/truck

Increase asset utilization by 25-50% on delivery day.

Increase service

Baton has helped customers reach
99% on-time service performance.

Improve drivers' lives

Drivers cite detention as the most painful part of their job.

Reduce freight rejections

Can't make a pickup on time? We'll stage it for you in advance.

"Detention is a waste of time and resources for all parties in freight - carriers, shippers, brokers, end-customers, etc. By helping to eliminate detention, everyone wins with Baton."

- Craig Fuller, CEO at FreightWaves

"We’re always thinking ahead, and prioritize efficiency gains and driver satisfaction regardless of market conditions. Dwell was causing massive inefficiencies for CRST, and with Baton we can now capture more freight, balance out our network and improve our drivers’ experience to our customers’ delight."

- Chad Brueck, President of Expedited and International at CRST

Baton in the news

Baton takes aim at driver detention

How to reboot the trucking industry

Helping truckers exit dwell hell

Baton selected for FreightTech 25 (#13)

Tech-enabled local P&D

First/Final mile API

Baton operates as an extension of your business. Everything needed to hand off an order - customer updates, tendering, and document management is seamlessly exchanged via API.

Automated P&D matching

Convex optimization algorithms guarantee the most efficient driver/load match, allowing us to deliver on time, reliably.

Intra-market network balancing

Our platform selects the Baton location that minimizes out of route miles for your drivers and distance to the shipper. This allows carriers to minimize city driving and enables Baton to maximize reliable on-time deliveries.

Live in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Expanding soon to Chicago, Dallas, Houston, SF, and NYC.

Get started with Baton to eliminate wasted hours
and improve your driver experience.

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