Pickup and dropoff in one place.

No traffic or detention.

Carriers drop off and pick up their loads at Baton drop zones. Our local drivers handle the final mile so your drivers don’t waste hours in detention or traffic.

For FTL carriers:

Improve driver lives,

increase driver retention

Maximize revenue per truck

Access a nationwide network


hours in detention

hours in city traffic


projected increase in
miles driven per day


projected increase in
asset utilization on
delivery day with Baton


Benefits of scale to all
fleet sizes in more places

"Detention is a waste of time and resources for all parties in freight - carriers, shippers, brokers, end-customers, etc. By helping to eliminate detention, everyone wins with Baton."

- Craig Fuller, CEO at FreightWaves

"Trucking is our country’s economic backbone, but it is broken and inefficient. Baton is poised to revolutionize the trucking industry by reducing inefficiency and enabling carriers to focus on what they do best: carrying loads cross-country on the highway."

- Jake Medwell, Founding Partner at 8VC

Tech-enabled final mile

Baton plugs directly into your workflow and saves time by coordinating everything from booking to proof-of-delivery.

Built into your workflow:

Baton uses dynamic convex optimization to maximize the efficiency of local delivery, dramatically lowering the cost of service to carriers.

Cheapest final mile:

Digitized drop zones with on-prem security guards keep cargo safe.

Secure drop zones:

Live in Los Angeles (Ontario), and launching soon in Dallas and Atlanta

Early customers will receive preferential pricing, and the opportunity to select Baton's future drop zone locations.

Other cities opening shortly thereafter.

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